General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Savella
Status Deceased
Debut Byzantium
Appearances Byzantium
Portrayed by Thure Lindhardt
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Werner is a character seen in Byzantium.


Werner is seen at Clara's recent workplace, the strip club. Werner had a photo of  Clara and he went about asking for her. He then spots her. He begins chasing after her. He manages to corner her atop of the roof of the mall, but Clara jumps through the skylight and lands on a bouncy house, he then captures her. They soon head back to Clara's home where he is killed there.

Werner is also seen with Savella and Darvell while Clara's fate is decided.


A member of The Brotherhood and an associate of Werner.

A member of The Brotherhood and an associate of him.


From a Germanic name derived from warin "guard" combined with hari "army".


Main article: Werner/Quotes.

Film PortrayalEdit

Thure Lindhardt portrayed Werner.


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