Notable quotes of Robert.


  • This yours?
  • I often find them here, these scraps.
  • Must float down from someone's window.
  • "She had meant to smother the baby as soon as it was born, but something made her look at. She heard the thundering heartbeat, she smelled the baby's bloodied head and love confounded her."
  • Shall we walk a little?
  • Love confounded me for her. I loved her my whole life through.
  • She was married to my brother John...Most happily.
  • She never knew the way I felt.
  • There comes a time in life when secrets should be told.
  • You've got secrets, haven't you?
  • There was a story told when i was a boy about the neamh-mhairbh, the revenants. Neither dead nor alive.
    The priests used to tell it, to frighten us.
  • Eleanor Webb. I am ready.
  • I've spent quite enough time here.

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